Ethics and Life’s Guardrails

The bulk of this week, my entrepreneurship class seemed to focus on our personal ethical beliefs. For me, this has always felt like a pretty straightforward concept since, as a church member, I have been taught ethics since primary. Looking on this and making my personal guardrails these past two weeks has been very eye opening. It has showed me how much living church standards blesses our lives in all aspects of our lives. For every spiritual commandment, there is a physical side to it just as every physical commandment has a spiritual side. When we live all of the teachings of Christ and His church, we will be blessed in every aspect of our lives.

On top of this, we looked at our first case study this week. At first, this was an incredibly stressful assignment. It was long and I didn’t think that I knew the first thing about business. As an English major taking this as an elective, I looked at the assignment and panicked. Going through it slowly though, I saw that you don’t really need to know much about the business aspect to be able to help. There were parts there that I connected with and was able to reflect upon to make a decision. While it was incredibly time consuming, I feel that it was beneficial to learn to take a step back and analyze a situation before jumping in and making an impulsive decision.

I can definitely see the benefits of both lessons in my own career path and feel that this class is strengthening me in many different ways.


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