Struggling to Become

Today, I was reintroduced to a fantastic video. In this short scene, the young football player is taught a valuable lesson on perseverance and goals. Often times, when we have full sight of what is ahead we sell ourselves short. Going forward blindly with the direction of others that have the full view is, in the end, far more frustrating, but has far better results.

In my life, I often feel like a blinded football player carrying 160+ pounds on my back across a seemingly never-ending field. With this in mind, I have gained a lot of what it means to make it through the struggle of becoming. This won’t come easily though, for to become is a lifelong effort. One important thing to remember though is that going through and experiencing the struggle does not give us permission to simply endure.

Life is not about enduring; it is about enduring well.

The football field is hard to cross, but if we listen to our mentors and never give up, then it will be well worth it in the end.

Set goals and make them known! If our friends/family/support system does not know what we are working towards, then how can we expect to receive help from them? We need coaches in our life to encourage us and keep us going when we lose sight of the bigger picture.

To become is not an easy task and is not for the faint of heart. But those who do continue through the struggle and truly become never regret it later on.


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