New Years Stamina

Happy 2017! With the new year, resolutions abound. There is something about the start of a new cycle that gets people excited about change. In all parts of the world, people gather together and celebrate the fresh start of the calendar with parties, songs, foods, and traditions to try to bring luck and prosperity into the new year.

I did a bit of research on new years resolutions and found a study. While over 40% of the study population continues to make these goals each year, only around 9% of them succeed in accomplishing what they desired to.

Now, my point isn’t to say that making resolutions is stupid, because far less than half of the people participating come out feeling good about themselves. The point that I want to make is that we give up too easily and because we perhaps have the wrong idea about success.

I am one of those individuals that will make these big resolutions every year, but by February get burnt out and give up. So this year I started with the thought that I wasn’t even going to make resolutions, because why set myself up for disappointment in myself? Well, last week I decided to change that approach. Instead of giving up before ever getting started, I am working on mindset. I have my goals, now I just need to figure out how to keep the excitement going.

Part of this is to realize that it doesn’t take the beginning of a new year to create/start change. It can be the middle of the week in June when you decide that you want to make a big, or even small, life change. Don’t wait until January to get started though! Start then. It is never a bad time to make positive life changes.

The other big thing that I have come up with is that we need to stop waiting to be proud of ourselves. Example: I started a thirty day beginner yoga challenge that I found on YouTube. I did it for two days last week, but then on Saturday was too sore to do it. I then continued to not do it on Sunday. Instead of getting mad and starting over, I got into day three yesterday and did day four today. I am proud of myself for continuing to do it instead of being upset with myself in regards to the slight setback.

We need to be proud of the journey just as much as we are in the end result. This is how we come to achieve great things. Through the small and simple steps, we progress to a greater outcome.